ChaotH (AKA Frédérick Filiatrault... you know, in real life..) is
the actual bass player for the Avant-Garde Psychotic Montreal based
metal band "UneXpecT". By pure chance, he coincidently rejoined their
ranks on September 11th, 2001...(what a day)!!
He quickly started to grow in reputation mainly in the
Quebec and Ontario (Canada) area with his extreme multi-technical
playing on both 7 and 9 stringed basses. Considering the fact that he
began to play only 7 or 8 years ago, he's always been considered as a
fast learner and a 'technique-enthousiast' completely consumed by his
life obsession. Bass. Curious about modern playing since he first
heard Victor Wooten's "A show of Hands" ( introduced to him by a
jazzman friend), he's been obviously influenced by Wooten, but also
by actual stretching players like : Micheal Manring, Jean Baudin, Ray
Riendeau, Les Claypool, Bill Dickens and some other strings player
like Adam Fulara (2 neck guitar), Bill Burke (Warr Guitar) and other

Music being his main attraction in life, he has a strong opinion and a
feverish passion about the music he'll present you. From pop to modern
hardcore, here are some of his fav bands and influences: Dillinger
Escape Plan, Bjork, Nuclear Rabbit, Mod Flanders Conspiracy, Primus,
Mum, Sigur Ros, KoRn, System of a Down, Daughters, Ion Dissonance,
Psyopus, Bach, Beethoven, Jorane, Imogen Heap, Aphex Twin, the
Flecktones, film music and so many more. Many of these different
sonorities may be found here and there in some weird reincarnations to
be found on the new UneXpecT album called "In a Flesh Aquarium" out
around March 2006 on The End Records.

Extreme Music... Extreme Playing... Extreme Bass
Welcome Further... leave your beliefs at the door


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